The Best Moments in Jurassic Park

Steven Speilberg’s Jurassic Park was an instant classic when it was release din 1993 and still remains very popular to this day. All of the effects are just as impressive as they were when they first came out and it is a fast paced and exciting story. There are many good moments throughout the film, but here is a look at the top ten moments in Jurassic Park.

10. Opening Scene: From trailers and posters, viewers knew that they were in for a dinosaur movie, but the opening scene set the mood and anticipation for the rest of the movie. They were delivering a new set of Raptors, and showcasing their intelligence; the first victim was pulled into the enclosure and eaten alive within the first five minutes of the movie.

9. Dino-Sneeze: On top of all the intense action and chase scenes, this little scene added a lot of laughs to the movie. As Lex reaches in to pet a Brachiosaurus, the dinosaur pulls back and releases one of the biggest sneezes ever scene. It was disgusting, yet funny, and calmed viewers down before the next action.

8. “Hold On To Your Butts”: That line is one of the best in the films and is delivered by Samuel L. Jackson. You things are going to get bad if he is concerned that danger is about to occur.

7. Detached Arm: Samuel L. Jackson was right to be concerned because when Ellie went to check on him and the power, alls she found was his detached arm that fell onto his shoulder. A few seconds later, it was revealed that a raptor was the killer and she booked it.

6. Electrocution: As if the danger of the dinosaurs was not enough, Dr. Grant had to guide the two kids over an electric before the power went back on. Dr. Grant and Lex made it over but Timmy was left at the top when the power went back on and it sent flying right into Dr. Grant’s arms.

5. Egg crack: The theory of the frog’s blood and missing DNA links had people already believing that dinosaurs could be real once again, but if that did not convince some, then the birth scene did. With all the key characters gathered around, they witnessed the birth of a baby Raptor. This deadly animal was actually pretty cute as it popped its slimy head out of the egg and looked at the humans staring at it.

4. “Spitter”: When Dennis stole the dinosaur DNA and attempted to leave the island, you knew his doom was immanent, but did not know how. This was quickly discovered when he crashed his car in dinosaur habitat and came across the “Spitter”. Just when he thought he got away, the dinosaur appeared in his passenger side and spit even more of the deadly poison into his face before attacking him even more. This scene gives people chills when the dinosaur opens up its umbrella like sides of the head.

3. T-Rex Saves the Day: Just when they though the Tyrannosaurus Rex was out to get the them, the huge monster unleashed hell on the raptors and allowed every one to escape the welcome center as the T-Rex gave out a roar that could shake your whole house.

2. Kitchen Scene: Just when the two children thought they were safe and got to eat food at the welcome center, they have a couple of unwanted visitors: two Raptors on the prowl. They quickly scurry to the kitchen where they try to outsmart the raptors by hiding behind cabinets and shelves. The raptors try to hunt them down but are outsmarted by a reflection and eventually trapped inside of a freezer. This is a truly intense scene that will keep you at the edge of your seat, even if you have already seen it.

1. Car Attack: One of the first big action sets involved two cars, a T-rex, and the best scene in the movie. The electricity was shut off in the park and the giant T-Rex quickly discovered this as broke through the electric fence. It then made its way to two of the tour cars, filled with scared people. The T-Rex filled a car, smashed it glass roof, and then proceeded to the bamboo hut for a little snack on the insurance guy who was hiding. This scene is scary and unforgettable and is one of the reasons why Jurassic Park was so successful.